How to keep out children from TV and INTERNET.

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How to keep out childer from TV and INTERNET.

Meet you again, in this very  informative era which television and internet is the object which children spend most of they time. We know not all what they see on television are bad thing to see but most of it really sometime is not for children or what they do and see in the internet also lots of just not really for them. Here I try to show you how to make you children busy ”healty mind and body” without TV and internet.

First and most important is have to start from the parent, older brothers or sisters which  at least more than 25 year old and grandparent if mojority they spend time for grandson or daughter or anybody which the kid spend most time with.

Step 1.

Spend and play with children as much as you can any kind of natural game which interest them at home or if you can in the playground out side is better.

Step 2.

Try to comunication whit them as much as you can about what is better between play in nature with people they know and trust in real life than seat in the front of television or surfing the internet.

Step 3.

Bring them to take a walk and see the lakes, hills, rivers or just take a walk in nature around your town. Also tell they what benefit they will get in their life if as much as time they use with people they know and trust or just spend time with nature.

Obove are just 3 small simple step to minimalized children time from TV and internet which you can do as parent for your kid life before they know what is life really is, but dont forget you the parent is first mirror for them,  all have to start firs from you. Good luck to make the bright next generation.


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