Constipation can be cured by simple changes in the diet

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Constipation is the big problem faced by all ages today. Whether office going people, housewives or children, we all are facing this problem some time or other in our life. Many face constipation and irregular bowel movement often due to the wrong food intake like pizza, burger, indian fast foods with lot of oil or taking of junk food replacing a nourishing food. Most people due to daily busy routine, do not eat daily at a regular time and there is no gap between dinner time and sleep time. All this tells upon my poor digestive system. By observing others in the family and friends it is seen that mostly gut problems occur due to wrong type and timing of food i.e., if craving for fast food and soft drinks is one cause then untimely eating habits is another cause. Just some changes in the food and plenty of water intake can make the difference.

JUST make these simple changes in your diet :

  1. Add high fibre diets like leafy vegetables, pulses and fruits which are good for bowel movement.
  2. If you are a non-veg you must have raw vegetables and salads along with your regular meals or else it will cause constipation.
  3. For constipation never become habitual to laxatives.
  4. Daily exercise and plenty of water will also serve the purpose. Drink at least 2 glasses of water with some lemon drops after getting from bed.
  5. Other benefits of high fibre diet is that it can cut the risk of heart disease.
    Increase your dose of high fibre in your breakfast.
    Though fruits and vegetables are good source of fibre but cereal fibre gives more protective fibre, so eat whole flour, unpolished rice, sprouts and so on. Have good nutrition.
  6. Make this your daily routine.

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