Chain Letters

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I would like to wring the neck of the person who came up with the first chain letter.

I would like to get my hands on those who thought a chain letter was a nice idea and came up with more of them.

I get them nearly every day.

Today’s message came with a sparkling picture.  The picture showed an angel in a long white chiffon gown and elegant wings.  The setting was a lush garden, with green grass, pink roses and a full moon.

I had to pass this message on to three people, within the hour, and after I had done that I was entitled to three wishes.

This particular message only spoke of wishes and contained no threats, but there have been chain letters that would scare the spots off a leopard.  Chain letters that, if broken, threaten my life and my health, and predict that I will lose all my friends.

Please, does anybody actually fall for that?

I can tell you one thing, if I was to actually forward all the chain letters I get to my friends, I really would not have any friends left because they would get fed up with me.

It is bad enough that my email account gets flooded with chain letters.  Why would I pester my friends with them too?

For a while I tried being reasonable and friendly, asking the writers to stop sending me those messages.  When I still received them I hit the reply button with the request to please not longer include me in their mailing list.  When that did not work either I got angry and told the sender to stop sending me this spam.

None of it was of any use.  I kept getting chain letters and instead of diminishing they increased.

So now I wonder, who hates people so much as to cause them anguish with chain letters?

It may be a nice idea granting someone three wishes, but why threaten the person if they do not forward the message?  Is it really necessary to scare friends and family?

I suppose it is, because if it were not for those threats, nobody would send those nasty letters to the next victim.

I for one am not clicking the forward button anymore when I receive a chain letter.  I have not been clicking it for some time now and guess what — I am still alive, healthy and with a lot of friends.

Follow my example please and let us break, for once and for all, the chain of letters that flood our email accounts and pester our lives.


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