Getting to Anawangin Cove, Zambales

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I’ve heard about it so much. Friends recommended it to me several times. They showed me photos of the beach. Yes, it was lovely. Since it’s only in Zambales in North Luzon, I decided to go for it. I was determined to conquer Anawangin Cove.

On April, Ktin, one of my best friends in college sent me a message saying that she’ll be organizing a tour to Anawangin. I’ve booked all my weekends from 3rd week of March to end May, except for two weekends — May 9 and 10, and May 16 and 17. Luckily, Ktin’s scheduled trip is on May 16 and 17, I said yes in an instant.


I was looking for Anawangin articles and photos to excite me. Wow, Anawangin has white sand, pine trees and yellow mountains surrounding it. Is this really in the Philippines? This excited me even more.

At 2 AM, we were meeting up with the group. Every one was excited, and wished for no rain for the whole trip. We stopped over at Bonjour somewhere in Pampanga and arrived at San Antonio at around 6:00 AM when the sun was already rising. We could see Mt. Pundaquit from afar. It was majestic. The sun’s rays bouncing yellow gold colors in the mountain’s grasses made it really beautiful, almost surreal. As if it’s not in Luzon, Philippines even more. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the golden mountain because I was on the other side of the van, and it’s got tinted windows. But the fresh morning sunlight really makes Mt. Pundaquit a golden treasure.


We had breakfast at Nora’s Beach Resort, which is in the barangay. We only ordered coffee from Nora’s because we brought our own cooked breakfast. Nora is open to visitors who bring in their own food and is a very welcoming place for backpackers. We then went to Apo Baket Resort to rent the boats. While boarding the boats, we could see the pretty Mt. Pundaquit.

There are only two ways to reach Anawangin Cove. One is to hike Mt. Pundaquit at 5-6 hours (some say 3-4 hrs.) or ride pumpboats for 30 minutes. Although treks and hikes are mostly more scenic, the view via boat was actually good too.


Amazingly, this area of Zambales has its naturally magnificent blue skies. The gradient fading to the horizon is natural, really beautiful, and the water is clear.


It was a fast and calm ride. We passed by Camara Island, and Capones Island. It was easy to tell when nearing Anawangin Cove. For one, your boat will pass by low rock formations in the middle of the ocean. It’s like a breakwater, but almost just sea level, and made of natural rocks. And two, yellow mountiains and giant pine trees surrounding white sand and light blue waters will be seen from afar. That is Anawangin Cove.


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