Truflow Energy Saving Systems For Our Environment

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Truflow Spray Booths is a diversified designer, manufacturer and installer of industrial and commercial spray booth products trusted by Australian manufacturers such as Siemens, Bombardier and Veolia.

In 2009 Truflow aim to make Australians more aware of their global impact. Ensuring companies understand the ability to reduce their carbon footprint with new more economical and environmentally friendly machines.

Any paint shop in any industry is responsible to take notice of the environmental aspects of emmissions and  be personally active in reducing their impact.

Truflow have provided environmental spray solutions throughout Australia in a variety of industries including Automotive repair, Aviation, Industrial, Commercial Trucking and Cabinet Making fro 10 years.

Thankfully governments are making firm moves for the industry be be a green as possible.  We at Truflow are working hard to provide to most energy efficient solutions for spraying VOC and non VOC products.

We only have one world so let all work together and do the right thing.

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A GIANT Step forward for the panel repair and Painting industry

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