Eating to live…or living to eat

If you consider your life as a graph paper, then eating is like a curve drawn in the graph sheet, taking the X Axis as your age and the Y Axis as the actual intake of calories in direct proportion to your age.

The curve that you draw in your graph should be like a parabola, that should go on increasing as you grow in your age and after reaching the acme, the curve should naturally slant and come down and end.That is life.

In the above process there are various factors that determine your life style, your food habits and the intake of food items etc

When you are a baby your mother breastfeed you to keep you alive and sprightly.As you grow up you become ubiquitous, so mischeivous and playful often refusing to eat and it becomes a tough task for your mother to make you eat and you should necessarily eat to live and grow.When you grow up according to your interests in life, suppose you are more interested in your studies, you need more food items that help to activate your brain that helps your studies.If you have a leaning towards sports, you need more stamina and strength and accordingly your food should be more nutritious and rich in calories, perhaps more intake of food items containing fat, protein and carbohydrate which are available in plenty in meat, eggs, fish, cerels,rice and wheat etc.Apart from that in order to have a uniformity in growth, you need to have a balanced diet that includes the above mentioned food items, besides having leafy vegetables and milk etc.

You finish your schooling and college education and get employed.Again when your work involve more physical strength and stamina, your diet should be in a particular pattern.When you become a professional like doctor, engineer,lawyer, executive or a clerk, you require a lesser amount of calories since you give more work to your brain.If your job involves more physical work, strength and stamina, say when you are a mechanic or a bodybuilder or a wrestler or a professional boxer or a professional tennis player or a cricketor or a basket ball player or a base ball player or a soccer player etc definitely you need to eat a variety of foods according to your requirements and you are actually in the living to eat’ category, by virtue of your profession.Evan Lendle, the famous professional tennis player, when he was at the peak of his career, used to engage a professional dietician on a regular basis, check up his body weight on a day to day basis through a computer and take his prescribed diet as suggested by his dietician, according to his body weight.

Well, you are employed and get married and you are in the family way, you exert more requiring more calorie intake.Getting employed and getting married etc happen in a particular age group say between 20 and 30.When the womenfolk get married, they become pregnant and now their intake of food should be nutritious as well as calorie rich, for they have to eat not only for them but also for their baby.In other words they live to eat for them as well as for their baby.

The parabola in your life graph gradually rise slantingly and reaches the point of acme when you are in the age group of between 30 and 40.Now the parabola shows the downward trend in your life graph.Hitherto, mostly you have been living to eat, for your life has been fully witnessing growth and adventure, requiring more and more of your physical strength and stamina.

Now your genes determine your lifestyle.Once you cross 40, beware of your health and frequently subject yourself to medical check up.If your father or mother or grandfather or grandmother had any ailment like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc, there is no way of escaping.There is every possibility and probability that you are sure to inherit those ailments.Now the parabola gradually comes down advicing you to eat to live.After undergoing a medical check up and ascertaining the probable or the actual ailments that you may have, you need to frequently consult a doctor as well as a dietician, to determine the actual intake of your food items in tune with your ailments.If you have cholestrol or diabetes, it is time to eschew from smoking, and to avoid diets containing fat contents or sugar that may play havoc to your health and resorting to simple and easy to digest diets like carbo free, cholesrol free and sugar free food items.

Then you have to switch over to a particular type of exercise preferably walking or jogging befitting to your age and ailments that you actually have.You actually feel aging as a process in you, your organs beginning to show the signs of decline in you.You are retired from your employment and also from your active life.You begin to depend upon others even to do some of your routine work and you no longer have the confidence to act or to do anything independantly.Now you reach a stage that you are more or less a child.Accordingly you have to switch over to very simple easily digestable food items.As long as you are strict and sytematic in your diet, the parabola in your life graph will be inching towards its end rather slowly but steadily.But when you are erratic in your dietary habits, not willing to give up smoking or liquor or still you have a passion for calorie rich foods, then you can feel that your body does not co-operate with you.You can see that the parabola in your life graph comes down rather rapidly and swiftly and you never know when it will end abruptly.

Therefore, when you consider the question whether you are here living to eat or eating to live, the fitting reply would be that you have to divide your lifespan into two as narrated through the above mentioned parabola and you can definitely say that upto the age of 40 years, you are mostly living to eat, to enjoy the life to its fullest cup and once you cross 40 years of age, you need to get yourself alerted either by subjecting yourself to a regular medical check up or by looking at your family medical history and accordingly begin to eat to live thereafter.

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