Should the Oscars honor movie producers too?

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It is a pity that while we confer a gold medal to a student for securing a rank in the university exam and even hail the role of a teacher for being devoted in his profession, we mostly fail to recognise and honor the role of parents, who have been providing the moral as well as the material support to their son, apart from providing the genetic influence also in his character.

Similarly,as far as Oscar is concerned,history is replete with records for having neglected the yeomen service rendered by the producers for playing a vital role in the production of classic movies like Ten Commandments’ and The Right and the Wrong’ many years ago, Jurassic Park’ and the Spiderman’ etc in the recent past and in the case of even the latest Slumdog Millionaire’, we have shown only scant respect to the producers.They have never been nominated or conferred with any Oscar award.

When we consider the case of Slumdog Millionaire’, it has been nominated for Oscar awards in seven categories, including the best direction and best original score in music etc.The producer is said to have invested 15 million dollars considered as a low budget as far as a hollywood movie was concerned.However the role of the producer of the movie can by no means underestimated, because they have taken a heavy risk in investing such a huge sum for the following reasons:-

1)Though the movie is a hollywood movie, the story of the movie is based on a novel in the Indian background written by an IAS officer from India.

2)Only Anil Kapoor and another actor are the known faces in the movie.All other main charcters including the child artists are new faces, carefully chosen over a period of years by the director.

3)The entire episodes of the story occur in India, especially in the slum areas of Mumbai.

4)The movie was directed by a British director.

5)The Indian music director A.R.Rahman was entrusted with the responsibility of scoring music for the movie.

The producer of the movie has infact taken a great risk, in entrusting with the responsibility of directing the movie to the British director in the Indian backdrop.But both the director and the music director have done creditably well to the extent of securing as many as seven Oscar nominations for the movie.But for the great risk taken by the producer, we would not have had such a great movie and Oscar nominations.Already the Slumdog Millionaire’has bagged a number a golden global awards, which are considered as virtual stepping stones in winning Oscar nominations.

A producer should be honored with Oscars for the following reasons:

1)In countries like India the entertainment movie of a year’ is conferred with a golden lotus award and it befittingly goes to the producer;In the same way Oscar should honor the producers of the best movies;after all it is their money that goes to and results in the production of the movie.The

travails of the producer in mobilising the funds for the movie should be duly recognised and honored.

2)Some people are of the view that the role of the producer is purely commercial and profit oriented.Therefore, they ask, why the producer should be conferred with an Oscar? But we conveniently forget about the great risk factor involved in the production of a movie.If a movie bombs in the box office, the producer will be virtually become a debtor, sometime literally comes to the street.

3)When we compare the role of a director of a movie to that of a captain of a ship who safely sails the ship to its destination, it is the producer who purchases the ship, it is he who choose the correct person and entrust to him with the responsibility of sailing it to its safe destination.

Therefore, the Oscar should honor and nominate a producer of a movie for Oscar, for his multifarious roles in the production of a movie;in mobilising and investing the funds involving elements of risk; choosing the correct person at the helm of affairs for directing the movie;providing all helps in the production and post production of his movie;allowing complete freedom to the director to choose his own team for the production of the movie believing in his ability; but doing all these things from the backfront.


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