The Pros And Cons Of Working At Home

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When I first started working from home three years ago, I felt that my dreams had been answered. Little did I know it wasn’t going to be the cake walk I thought it would be. There were a few challenges I wasn’t prepared for, but learned to overcome then in time.

What are some challenges you might face if you decide to work from home?

* Other people, including family and friends don’t take what you do seriously.

I was shocked at how many people close to me didn’t view what I did as a real job because I was siting in my home.

* Your family. It is their home too, and whether you want it to or not your decision to work from home is going to effect them too.

* Noise and interruptions. It’s hard to control who knocks at the door or when the phone is going to ring. If the job you do requires complete silence this can definitely be a challenge.

* Low pay. Depending on what type of work you choose many at home jobs can be very low paying. There were times that I literally worked for and made $1/hr. Finding a combination of jobs seemed to work best for me and I was able to bring in a decent income.

* Self discipline. That’s a hard one! It takes a lot of self discipline to be in your comfy home and be dedicated to finishing the work that you have decided to do for the day.

* Taxes. If your an independent contractor or self employed, you need to make sure you are knowledgeable and understand about the tax end of working at home. Taxes can really take you by surprise if your not prepared.

What are the benefits?

* Being home for your family. My kids were older when I start working from home but it was such a joy to be there and have dinner ready for them when they came home from school.

* Freedom. I don’t care what anyone says there is a freedom that comes from working at home. You can be your own boss!

* You save money. No more fancy clothes to buy or gas or daycare. Saving on daycare was the biggest for me.

* No office politics or gossip. You can do your work and not have to bother with those things.

* You can call yourself ‘self-employed.’ I always enjoy saying this when I have to give someone my job title.

By far the pros out weighed any cons for me and my choice to work at home. I stuck by my decision and over time my friends and family accepted that and started to show more respect for me and what I did for a living. I also was able to overcome many of the challenges that I faced, and I wouldn’t trade working at home for anything.


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