How to Treat a Callus on the Foot

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Most people will get a callus or corn at some point in their lives. They’re typically the result of applying to much pressure to a particular area of the foot, that area would be where the callus then forms. The one thing we really need to do is treat the callus so that it can quickly heal. If we don’t do this there is a chance that it could crack or blister and when that happens you’ll be in a world of pain.

The first step is to take a shower or soak your feet in a warm tub of water. While you’re at it get your significant other to give you a foot massage. The goal is to soften the skin so we can work away some of the dead, dry skin. We’ll do this by rubbing a pumice stone on the callus. It will most likely be necessary to do these two things everyday in order to efficiently remove the corn or callus.

When this is done, go ahead and dry your feet off with a towel. Now it is a very good idea to use moisturizer or lotion on feet, particularly the dry, callused area, in order to keep the skin moist and soft. It will also help keep the callus from cracking, which is quite painful and would like need to be treated by a doctor. A cracked callus can become easily infected as well, if this happens you will need to go see a doctor to properly treat and cure the infection.

It would be best if you could simply avoid calluses in the first place. Wearing a shoe with a good arc and soft base is the best defense for this. Also, try wearing thicker socks will give your feet more cushion and help relieve any strain on them.


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