How to Take Pain Away from a Burn and Treat It

Slight burns happen all the time. Perhaps you touched a hot dish or cooking tool. Maybe it was caused by your razor blade shaving or you got to close to a fire. The point is that it is very easy to burn oneself and it is important to know a few simple first aid tips to help treat the problem and make it go away.

First thing you should do to cure a burn is to place it under cool water until the pain is gone both in and out of the water. This will help sap the heat from the burn and stop it from causing more damage. Stopping the burn from doing extra damage is critical to a faster recovery and less pain, we also don’t want it to blister. To help reduce the pain, any kind of pain reliever should come in handy. Generic brands of pain medications are perfectly fine in this case; however, you shouldn’t need any heavy duty medication like Oxycotton. If the pain is still that severe after cooling the burn, then go to the emergency room right now.

After being cooled, cover the burned up with a dry sterile wrap in order to prevent anything from getting onto the skin and irritating it, or worse infecting it. If the burn blisters or becomes infected go to a doctor immediately as further treatment that you cannot provide is needed. If neither occur, the burn wound should heal fine on it’s own. Putting Aloe Vera on the burn in between wraps will also help heal it faster and sooth the burn, reducing the pain.

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