How to hide you desktop and more in windows xp.

Here I ‘m back again, remember when we have lots of icons in our desktop it’s sometime look very disturbing, you know what I mean! Cause our deskto look full of icons which just not look nice. Also in my experience we sometime just want to hide something what we doing and also our deskto look clean and nice and here I will show you how.

Right click your desktop and arrange icons by-uncheck show deskto icons and you done, now your desktop is clean from icons.

If you want to clean shortcut desktop doit same step above and just run desktop clean wizard and all your unecsesery desktop which you get from some software install will go away.

If you want to put wallpaper by your choise just follow the step below.

Right click your desktop and go to properties and clickdesktop go to browse and find your favorit picture in where is the pictures you save and click save-apply-ok or just go to internet and find pictures you like and save it in folder.

If you want just to safe the energy just followstep above and chose blank under your screen sever and just type 5 minut, uncheck on resume, display welcomescreen apply and click ok.

If you want to safe more energy just go to power under to adjust monitor power setting and save energy, click power and you will know what you want. That all for  now and next time I will show you how to protect our children from bad side of internet bye, bye.

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