Madden NFL 10 Washington Redskins Player Ratings

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For several reasons including the fact that they play in one of the most important cities in the country the Washington Redskins remain a huge factor in the NFL. In recent years the team has struggled to maintain there influence in the NFC East with other teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants making deep playoff runs while they sit at home and watch. Massive spending sprees in the offseason have yet to net any results as well. Here today we discuss the Madden NFL 10 Washington Redskins player ratings.

For the offensive side of the ball the Madden NFL 10 Washington Redskins player ratings at pretty well balanced for the most part. The offensive line and running backs are probably the strengths here with several into the 90s including Clinton Portis at 93. The weaknesses would have to be the quarterback and receiver positions without a doubt. Jason Campbell is just a 77 and while Cooley and Moss are a 91 and 86 the rest of the receivers and tight ends are all a 75 or lower on the roster.

The talent on the defensive side of the ball seems to be spread around with the Madden NFL 10 Washington Redskins player ratings. Obviously the big offseason purchase for Daniel Synder was Albert Haynesworth and he is a 99 overall and one of the highest on the game. But 5 of the other starters are rated a 80 or lower which could be interesting to see how all of that plays out.


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