Simple Windows (and maybe other OS’s) Console Color Randomizer (C++)

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This article is part of a series of my articles containing snippets of C++ code that will perform various functions.Feel free to use them or modify them as needed, AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT RE-PUBLISH THEM.  Wheter you need an inspiration for a project, a way around a coding problem, or you are just curious feel free to check out the table of contents to my series right here.

/* Nesecary Includes:

# include   ( Nesescary in order to issue system commands ( i.e the color command) as well as use the rand and srand functions.  Used to issue a variety of C commands )

# include ( Needed to feed the srand function which in turn feeds pseudo random numbers to the rand function )

# include ( Needed to randomize and store results as well as store ths results of the randomization )

void randcolor ()   //needs string.h and stdlib.h and time.h
char all [17]=”0123456789ABCDEF”;
int foreground, background;
char color [1];
foreground = rand()+1;
background = rand()+1;
color [0]= all [foreground];
color [1]= all [background];
while (foreground==background)
foreground= rand()+1;
background = rand()+1;
color [1]= all [foreground];
color [2]= all [background];
char command [12];
char command1[]=”color “;
strcpy (command, command1);
strcat (command, color);
system (command);

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