Madden NFL 10 Dallas Cowboys Player Ratings

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The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the most popular teams not just in the NFL but around the country. Selling out games across the country they can boast one of the biggest fan bases in professional sports. Here today we are gonna discuss some of the Madden NFL 10 Dallas Cowboys player ratings on the upcoming game.

The first thing I want to say is that the player rankings on this version are gonna be slightly different than in the past. They made them lower than normal because the progression plays more of a factor. With all of that said let’s talk about the Madden NFL 10 Dallas Cowboys player ratings on the offensive side of the football. Everything is pretty decent here as both Tony Romo and Marion Barber have good rankings at 87 and 88 overall respectively. Jason Witten is one of the best players on the game with a 97. The offensive line is a great strength with all the starters being a 80 or over and probably is one of the best units in the league.

Now with the Madden NFL 10 Dallas Cowboys player ratings the defensive side of the ball needs some work. Of course the players like Demarcus Ware (98 overall) are gonna be ranked really high for obvious reasons. However there are 3 starters on this side of the ball that are 71 or lower. These will be spots on the field where teams and users will likely attack. Like I mentioned above this just means that there is more room for improvement in franchise mode.


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