Mauritius, the perfect honeymoon getaway

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I have often heard of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, and I had also heard what an expensive island it would be.  At the same time many people had told me what a unique island it was, and it would be well worth every penny you spend there.

I chose the southwest coast of Mauritius.  I was told that in May it could get quite windy on the east side.  I looked at many different hotels.  I finally chose the LaPiroque Hotel.  It was an older hotel that was designed after an old ship that was upside down.  The main part of the hotel consisted of the lobby and restaurant.  All the hotel rooms were located throughout their garden in individual bungalows with straw roofs.  That too me already looked very appealing and very cozy.  The romms were standard rooms but if you wanted to, you could upgrade to a bigger bungalow.  The standard room was okay for us since we knew we were going to spend a lot of time outside exploring.  Another aspect of the hotel that appealed to us was the pool.  It was like a botanical garden with a pool in the middle, beautiful statues, trees and with a view right onto the beach and the beautiful ocean.

We were just amazed how helpful the people were.  The cuisine was superb, the best food I had ever tasted.  The chef even came out to greet us personally and suggest any flavors for our wedding cake.  We were really treated like kings and queens.  We could feel that it was a sincere kindness.  It came from their heart.

Our trips throughout the islands were very interesting.  The local people there are mostly people from India, China and Africa.  They are well educated.  One day we took a tour to a botanical garden, a waterfall, a rum factory, a big temple and a glass factory.  Another day we visited Port Louis.  It is a clean city with lots of crazy drivers.  I guess they are used to traffic and have a conidered low accident rate.

We also drove up to the North coast.  This was definitely the Hollywood of Mauritius.  Boats parked in beautiful bays, shopping with great deals and well-known brands.  There were also plenty of nice restaurants along the cove.

This island had so much to offer that I would return to it again.  If compared to the Carribean, it is cleaner.  People are friendlier.  The food is very delicate, and it is very clean.  The locals love their island.  They are happy there and wouldn’t trade it for another place in the world.

Of course it is an island and you certain parts of town will depict an area where the poor people live.  And you can definitely tell where the rich call it home.  At the same time, it is an island that has one of the best school systems in the world, very educated people, and they are all so happy and content with what they have.

If you love island vacations, check out Mauritius.


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