If You Build It, Will They Come?

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You Have a Wonderful Idea for A Social Community

So, you have this great idea for a social networking community, that you know everyone in this niche should join. 

Do you think that your great idea is going to work?  That if you build it everyone in this niche is going to come?  Think again. 

The internet is a big place to put it mildly.  If you want them to come to your social networking community and be an active participant – you must make sure your community offers:

  1. Something unique

  2. Value

  3. Ease of use

Do your research, find out what people want and give it to them, and make sure you have built an internet presence. 

Build your own success story

Do you want to build a social community?

Are you planning on becoming an internet tycoon and make your millions?

Have you written a book and want to have it published or sold?

Do you have a unique idea or item that you want to promote?

One of the first steps, and often overlooked aspect in planning your success story should be to develop awareness on the internet – your own personal internet presence.

To help build the awareness of your new and exciting social network or your brand, you need to develop and grow your internet presence.

Join social communities

This can easily become an overwhelming task, but dive in anyway and get your feet wet.

Be aware that being a part of these communities can and will distract you from your main purpose, so be sure to manage your time.

Branding – always be conscious of the end goal and behave professionally.

Choose wisely – do not join every community you find. Check out many, but choose to participate in only a few. You do not have enough time to be a productive member of every community you find.

Participate in your chosen communities. Offer your expertise, suggestions and invite others into relevant discussions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of people willing to share their own experiences and expertise.

Establish yourself as a valuable member of your community.

Keep your eyes open for cross promotional opportunities.

Provide members an opportunity to post a guest spot on your blog or website.


This has become an overcrowded highway so find a way to make yours “Pop”.

For the purpose of your branding, don’t use your blogs as a cheap way to promote yourself.

Offer something to your readers. People don’t have time to waste, so don’t waste it.

You don’t have time to waste, so manage them well.

Offer your knowledge and gain a reputation as an “expert”.

Encourage questions from your readers, and then answer them.

Participate in other like minded blogs and offer your opinions – but only when you have one worthy of the reader’s time.


Choose one or several analytical programs and ensure you learn how to use them.

Use them to find out what your readers like to see, and then give it to them.

Monitor them daily to determine what content is most effective.

Find and visit others who have visited you.

Learn where the majority of your viewers are from.

Use this mine field of information in your marketing strategies.

Be Personable

Use your own name, and when possible your picture. People will identify with you – not an icon, logo or avatar.

Be considerate and only invite others as “friends” when you have some common ground.

Don’t seek out rock bands and head bangers if you are interested Bach and Beethoven.

Choose your “friends” carefully and don’t just accept anyone who asks to be your friend. Check out their profile and always be careful of spammers and others who only use these mediums to “self promote” or “sell”.

Consider every contact as a potential client or member of your community.

Provide them with something of value.

Don’t “self promote”.Build your internet presence in a professional manner. Treat everyone you meet here the same way.

This process should be built into your planning process when working toward building a social network or any type of on line business.

Your Community – Why Should I Join?

If you are a social butterfly and just like the idea of having your own little space to share with the world, you might want to look at many of the free options out there – at least at first.  If you are looking to build a community that offers great value to your members and will be charging a membership fee for that value – you should probably look at a professional community.  

Whatever your choices, make it clear, very quickly what the benefits are to me as a guest.  Your landing page needs to be short and your message clear right up front.  You have about 30 seconds to get my attention.

Once you have it, and I think it might be of value – I want it to be easy to find more information and easy to join.  Don’t ask for personal information on any page except where I join.  You give me information until that point.  Make joining quick and painless, and you will have better results.

Social Networking Stats

74 percent of small business owners who were early adopters, and have been using social media for years, say it’s helped them close business, according to the2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, which surveyed 1,898 small business owners.

The top benefit of social media marketing, according to a whopping 85 percent of the respondents, was the fact that social media was indeed generating exposure for their businesses. The second most significant benefit was improved web traffic, and the opportunity to build new partnerships was also cited as one of the rewards of social media marketing. More than half of the respondents claim social media generates qualified leads.

85 percent of those surveyed say that the platform has created buzz for their businesses

91 percent of all respondents use social media



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