The best video games for Teen Boys

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Teenage boys are easily pleased with the following things: action (like shooting, fighting, just combat), sports, music and sex. Games that include one or more of these elements are bound to intrigue most 13-17 year-old guys. I personally recommend Halo 3 as a shooter. It’s high replay value and online game play can keep gamers entertained for hours and provide them with an experience of open warfare and military action. And none of the violence in Halo 3 can really be brought into real life (unless you just happen to have two SMG’s, a few plasma grenades, and a Gravity Hammer lying around in your garage). Yes, unfortunately, that is an issue involved with gaming. Studies have shown that violent video games can be linked to aggressive behavior, so you must be careful when deciding which game to buy for your teenage son. Take the following into consideration:

1) His Personality. Is he calm? Easily influenced? Do you think you can trust him to leave the shooting on the Xbox?

2) His age. The younger a child is, the more likely that gaming will have a large effect on him. That “Mature” rating is there for a reason.

3) The game’s rating. Though many games are rated too critically (Halo 3 doesn’t need an “M”) it is always a good idea to find out as much as possible about the rating. Is that “M” there for blood, drugs, sexual themes, or all of them?

However, once you are down with these concepts, the road ahead is rather simple. Your son will most likely know what new games are hot, and it will be your job as a parent to work with him to help him make a good decision. Here are some specific games I recommend:

Halo 3
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
MLB 07
Call of Duty 4
Rock Band
Guitar Hero III


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