How to make money in Runescape

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Runescape can be a very addictive game once you know how to make money. Although it may seem tough at first, making money in Runescape can be done quite easily and on a low-level account! It is possible for you to make millions in weeks, granted that you spend a lot of time on your computer and deprive yourself of several other important things, such as academic and social lives.

First, you need to pick one of the money making skills: Wood cutting, fishing, mining. They are the best ways to make money, and you start out with the basic equipment to start them with. For example, I did fishing. I started out with a fishing net and ended up doing very well in the markets. Once you have your skill chosen, go to a location that offers you to use that skill. Being a fisherman, I would go to a river or lake with the “fishing” icon over it on the map. For woodcutting, go to “tree” icons. For mining, go to icons with pickaxes on them.

Note: For mining, do the Rune Mysteries quest mine Rune Essence. This will help you make a lot of money.

As a fisherman, I start out only being able to catch cheap fish. Thankfully, people practicing their cooking skills will buy these in large quantities, say 1 gp each, even if you sell 500 shrimp. That is a lot of money for just starting out. With your fishing net, find a spot close to a bank. Then follow this process: catch the fish, and put them in your bank, and repeat. Once you have a large amount of fish, you can sell them to buyers in the bank, friends, or go to one of the AI controlled markets. Eventually, you will be a higher fishing level and be able to use different equipment such as spears and catch higher level fish such as lobsters and swordfish. Once you have a nice pile of gold made up, take regular trips to Karamaja to catch higher level fish and sell them for high prices.

Because I mentioned Karamaja, you may also find it profitable to fill crates with bananas to make some extra gold. It is a minor quest, but you will make money for it each and every time that you do it. It is an easy way to pay your way off of the island, but why stop at that? If you keep at it for long enough, you can make thousands of gold coins in days.

As a miner, you want to mine Rune Essence. People will pay a lot of money for them because they want to craft runes. Luckily, there is a bank in Varrok that is very close to the Rune Essence mine. Like fishing, mine the Essence, put it in the bank, then sell it to other people in the bank. People will pay a lot of money for it, but only in large quantities. There is also a chance your pick axe might break or you will be attacked by a high level mining monster, but it is definitely worth it.

If you don’t want to sell your Rune Essence, you can find an elemental talisman and craft runes for yourself at the altars, and then sell them to mages-in-training. Some mages will pay through the nose to keep their inventory full of runes, for runes are a mage’s ammunition in magical battles, and it is up to you to exploit that need to the fullest. Or, you can do half and half: save some of your rune essence and craft some of it into runes, and see which you can sell for more on a given day.

For woodcutting, cut down trees and put your logs in the bank. People practicing firemaking skills will want to buy large amounts of logs. That is really all you need to do, and you will make the most money, but not as quickly as in fishing. Then again, if you want to do some more work, you can stock the logs in the bank, and later make fires to practice your own cooking on. Then, you can sell your cooked goods (adventurers love buying fish and other cooked meats that will restore their health), to make a profit. It’s a longer process, but it will benefit you all the same.

You can also make money just by exploring the wilderness and finding people who are about equal in strength for you to kill. Of course, you want to have a strategy to this: work with a few friends of yours. What, did you think this was going to be a fair fight? Of course not! You need to ensure that you can make your kills in the wilderness and stay protected. Another good idea is to lure lower-level characters deep into the wilderness: tell them that you’re hunting dragons or taking them to be initiated into a guild, and then slaughter them. Chances are that lower-level characters know little about the game, making them the most susceptible to your attacks.

I hope that you choose to use this as a guide and take my advice to make your character into a living cash fountain. You will never need to raise your combat stats, and the “pure” fishing, woodcutting, or mining character is worth a lot, in rs2 and real money. Go make some gold!


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