Madden NFL 10 Arizona Cardinals Player Ratings

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Last year the Arizona Cardinals a team that had been a basement dweller in the NFC for the longest time came this close to overtaking the popular Pittsburgh Steelers and winning the Super Bowl. Well this year most of that team returns for another chance at bringing that title home. Here today we look at some of the more important Madden NFL 10 Arizona Cardinals player ratings on the upcoming game.

The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about these Madden NFL 10 Arizona Cardinals player ratings was the awesome passing attack that the team used so effectively last season. It should come as no surprise that after last season Kurt Warner is rated a 94 overall on the roster. Perhaps what should be a surprise is that Matt Leinart is only a 68 overall but with the new system that means he has plenty of room for improvement. Then of course you have the best receiving duo in the league with Larry Fitzgerald as a 99 and Anquan Boldin as a 94 overall.

As for the defensive side of the ball with the Madden NFL 10 Arizona Cardinals player ratings there are some very good prospects and some real low ones as well. For example Karlos Dansby is a 89, Adrian Wilson is a 97 and Darnell Dockett is a 94. But the bad news is that aside from those mentioned above the rest of the linebackers and defensive linemen are all lower than a 80 overall. But like mentioned above this just gives the player some room to work with and improve the team.


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