Madden NFL 10 Pittsburgh Steelers Player Ratings

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One of the things that fans around the country look forward to each offseason is the release of the annual Madden video game series. For many fans the Madden NFL 10 Pittsburgh Steelers player ratings are very interesting because after all they are the defending Super Bowl champions so their rankings should be kinda high or at least you would think it to be that way.

Here today we are gonna discuss these Madden NFL 10 Pittsburgh Steelers player ratings and argue or defend such rankings for some of the top players. For starters we will begin with Ben Roethlisberger whom is a 93 overall on the game. Now I understand that he is a good quarterback and that they did win the Super Bowl but in my opinion this is a tad too high. Then you also have Hines Ward who is a 90 which is once again too high when you consider that complete studs like Calvin Johnson are only a 92 on the game.The offensive line is the weakness on the offensive side of the ball with Justin Hartwig and Max Starks being the only ones rated higher than an 80.

Alright so moving along with the Madden NFL 10 Pittsburgh Steelers player ratings we discuss the defense. This is the strength of the team with 5 players rated a 90 or higher on the defense. Troy Polamalu is a 99 overall making him one of the best players on the game. Then you have James Harrison who is a 97 overall. One thing worth noting though is that on Madden NFL 10 players will quickly decline once they reach a certain age.


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