After wondering around

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Grace sends Benjamin to buy some bread for the party that they are going to have tonight. While he is outside, she prepares herself and the house to be ready for the party and she starts to wonder around the house, maybe too much….

“When do you know for sure that you are meant to be with that person? Some people say, well I have heard they say that you will know when it happens. I truly don’t know. I thought once I found it but it turned to be a big fat lie. The second time, I believed I saw the signs but again another broken heart. But recently I am feeling it for real, Benjamin could be the one, I really don’t know but I wonder, could this be?”

Well, Benjamin arrived with the bread and something else really cute but this created a discussion between them. So…..

Yeah! Grace sent Benjamin to go and buy some bread and when he arrived home he brought something else as I said before, the cutest dog, so small that fit really well in the bag. She told Benjy then..

Grace: I sent you  to get some bread and you come home with this in the bag. You have ruin my party, why you don’t love me.

Benjy: I couldn’t resist, look at this face, tell me, but look at him!

Grace: I’m looking, I’m looking, I see my party is ruin

But then the doggy left the bag behind and went to her and lick her, so many kisses she got for him, that she said

Grace: You are right Benjy, who can’t love this face, we are keeping you, yes we are, yes we are. But do you have an owner because you have something hanging in there, let me see.

What happen next you won’t believe it, what he was wearing and was hanging around his neck it was a ring, so can you guess what happen next?

Exactly; he was after all the one and only. I guess sometimes you just have to be patient.


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