Ready to Write A Mommy Blog?

  1. Decide what type of blog you’d like to maintain: Are you a frugal mom? Mom of twins or triplets? Working mom? Whatever you decide to blog about should be consistent. On paper, write out a few topics you think might be good for blog posts.
  2. Pick a web hosting site for your blog. and are just two of the dozens of web hosting sites that are free.  Set up your profile and add a few sentences about you and your family. A separate email address for your blog is definitely something to consider. People will want to contact you, so having an exclusive blog email prevents unnecessary cluttering of your regular account.  If you would like to be contacted by companies who regularly use Mommy blogs  to promote or review their products, be sure to put your contact info in your profile.
  3. Create a name or title for your blog.  Something that will serve as your theme and interest others. You may also want to create your own logo and tag line.
  4. You can monetize your site with affiliate links (promotional widgets and banners) like Google Adsense, Amazon affiliates, eBay or Paypal.
  5. Once you’ve written a blog post (or two) be sure to start listing your blog with online directories like, and There are plenty available that invite blog owners to list their URL for free.
  6. Announce your new blog on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. to attract more readers. Many Mommy bloggers have giveaways, contests or other promotions that can be posted to these sites, and create a reason for readers to become regular followers.
  7. Be sure to comment on other Mommy blog posts – or join a reciprocal group.
  8. Keep your content fresh! New posts are needed every 5-7 days to keep attracting readers.

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