Quitting your Job? Consider this.

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There is a strong similarity between ending a relationship and ending a job. They both take time to build, and you have to think carefully through both before you decide you’ve had enough. It’s also important that you do it for the right reasons. Here are some soul searching questions you need to ask yourself before you leave your job:

What Is The Main Motive Behind The Move?

You must know exactly why you want a new job or career. According to a famous saying: where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. Is it for the good, old money? The challenge? Or the promotion? Whatever it is, you need to know why. Knowing why helps you to accept your new job or career, know what to expect and deal with the possible shortcomings that may come with the move.

Is It The Right Time?

Are you just rushing into it or is this really the time to move? Evaluate yourself and find out if you have gathered enough experience and knowledge from your present workplace that justifies a move to a position of higher responsibility.

What Are Your Expectations Concerning The Move?

Most of the time, your expectations determine how happy or disappointed you are in life. If you know what or what not to expect, there won’t be any surprises, so you are not caught off guard.

What Are Long-Term Benefits?

You have to be able to assure yourself that you would not wake up tomorrow and wonder why on earth you made that career move. It’s important not to have regrets concerning your career.

The bottom line is, weigh your options before changing your job or career. Make sure you’re doing what you enjoy doing. Never let money be the deciding factor of making the move.

My dad once told me that money always comes. It’s only matter of time.


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