5 Hottest Designer Dogs For Every Diva

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The designer doggie trend all started with the show, “The Simple Life,” where best friends and socialities Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie invaded middle-America with their designer duds and pint sized pets.  Everyone in America came to know not only Paris and Nicole, but the glamorous Tinkerbell.  She was often packed into Paris’ designer bag, or running around the countryside in a pink fedora or doggie sneakers.


Today almost every girl wants to be a socialite princess-or at least dress and appear like one. The best way to do this is by picking up your own bite sized doggie to stuff in your already loaded designer purse.  Better arm candy than any boyfriend-your designer doggie will not only be a loyal companian but a hot fashion accessory.

Designer Doggie Choice #1-The Yorkshire Terrier


The Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect designer dog-with a bold, personable character and a haughty English pedigree.  Yorkshire terriers were the popular lapdog choice in Victorian England, with the craze soon following in America.  At under 7 pounds-the Yorkie is pint sized with a big personality.  You’ll definitely want to stick this bite sized beauty in your Marc Jacobs bad.

Designer Doggie Choice #2-The Shitzu


The Shitzu is not only my personal designer doggie favorite but also an obvious glamor dog.  These dogs were specifically bred and kept as lap dogs by Chinese royalty in the 17th century.  In fact, it was actually outlawed by Chinese royalty to own this dog unless you were ruling class.  Show the world you live like a queen byslipping this adorable dog into your Vivianne Westwood oversized hobo.

Designer Doggie #3-The Pomeranian


After Queen Victoria saw the Pomeranian for the first time in Florence Italy it was love at first sight.  She brought the teeny tiny breed back to England to be loved and spoiled as a lap dog, and the rest is history.  This dog is tiny, with tons of personality and an automatically royal style.  It will fit in your Louis Vuitton perfectly for an afternoon run to the mall or spa.

Designer Doggie #4-The Toy Poodle


More than just a pretty face, the toy poodle is an exceptionally intelligent, obedient breed and the perfect choice for the lady who wants it all.  Originally used as water retriever, the breed is now one of the most popular breeds in America and the perfect fashion statement.  It’s hot to be cute AND smart these days!

Designer Doggie #5-The Maltese


According to the American Kennel Club the Maltese has been “an aristocrat of the canine world for more than 28 centuries,” owned by the world’s royalty.  The Maltese is known for its playful, sweet and intelligent disposition.  It is also the favored breed for Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan.”  So slip this regal, royal pooch into your Dior bag and you’ll always have the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Whichever breed you choose, you can’t go wrong with woman’s best friend and a totally hot fashion accessory like a designer doggie.


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