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How to Know When a Relationship is Over

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When a relationship is over, there are always signs. At first, they are subtle and we tend to overlook them by making excuses for our partners. As they become more glaring, we want to ask, “Is it still love?”

The signs listed in this article are examples of what you see when love is going or gone…

You are being stood up again and again and again…

Your partner promises to show up and you wait endlessly, but something keeps coming up. If this becomes a pattern, then something is wrong somewhere.

Money, Money, Money

If your partner doesn’t spend money on you, what on earth are they spending money on??? A partner that can’t buy you a gift, no matter how small, once in a while, is probably not that into you. Remember that there is love in sharing.

You can’t touch your partner’s phone

If your partner doesn’t let you go through their phone, you should begin to wonder why. If it was work-related, then he/she wouldn’t mind you going through their phone in the first place.

If you, however, refuse to do your partner’s bidding and start looking through the phone, then you just might end up with an empty Inbox or Outbox with all the messages deleted.

If however, you don’t prefer not to touch the phone, perhaps you’re afraid of what you will see?

Your partner doesn’t call you or return your calls

If this becomes a pattern, then your partner is trying to tell you something. People always try to make out time for what they care about.

Your partner no longer wants to spend quality time with you.

Gone are the days of just wanting to be with you and dropping everything else till later. There’s always something standing in the way of your partner spending time with you. It always a matter of convenience and never one of just craving your delightful company.

There’s Nothing To Talk About

This is not companionable silence. You simply don’t have much to talk about anymore! It’s like you’re together and your partner would rather be watching TV, football, reading or sleeping.

Your partner stops talking to you about work or anything.

Your partner used to talk to you and give details of events at work, but not anymore. If you ask what happened at work, you hear “nothing”. Doesn’t it make you wonder why the pay cheque keeps coming in if “nothing” happens at work?


You catch your partner in one or two lies or what they’re saying simply doesn’t ring true. Something is wrong somewhere.

Even the sex is different

Sex doesn’t feel so intimate. Your partner rolls away after sex, doesn’t bother to hold you and turns on their own side of the bed.

Your partner says it’s over

First they show it. Then they say it.

But if he summons up the courage to tell you it’s over, then it’s probably time to let him go.

There is a thin line between loving someone and not loving them. Sometimes, we are loved in return, while other times, we are not. If you are heartbroken, it’s important not to let hatred fill that empty space. Hatred will only make you bitter.

The pain of heartbreak and rejection can be crushing. It can get so bad that you literally feel your heart breaking, like a physical pain. Heartbreak is something we must all go through at some point in our lives, if we must fall in love. I call it the price of love.

When love hurts us more than it makes us happy, we have to let it go. That action alone is what makes us stronger.


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