How to make enough money online and offline to retire early

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“Can I make enough money to retire early?” is a popular question for a lot of people at some time during their lives.  It is very desirable to think of stopping work at the age of 50 OR 55 when you are still healthy and strong enough to take part in activities. Or maybe its the drawing of a quiet life in the mediterranean or the mid-west of America or perhaps to travel the world.

Well, the answer to this question is obviously yes because people do do it! And if some people do it then why not you?

Unfortunately, however, very few people actually make a plan and put it into action. And if there is no plan then there will definitely be no action.

The other problem is deciding what can be done to make this money – and hopefully have residual income to add to the meagre pension.

It is said that JOB stands for ‘Just Over Broke’. If you look around in your office or factory you will see how you will be in 10, 20 and 30 years time – and its not usually a pretty sight.

Working for someone else has been described as going to the gym to build up other peoples muscles!

So any plan must include something other than a standard job.

With any kinds of home jobs or businesses, one has the freedom of doing things on his or her own.

But it is a brave and risky thing to do to just give up your regular income for an idea or ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

The advice then is to make a plan to create income while you have employment and only quit if and when you have built up enough extra income to sustain you and your family.

There are really only four ways to make enough cash and residual income for early retirement that you can start while you are still working.

These are:

1.    Property

2.    Internet sales

3.    Stocks and shares

4.    Foreign Exchange

Building a property portfolio is easier than most people think and it has the least risk and excellent benefits.  Perhaps you already own your own home – so there is property 1.Then you need to look at buying a second property to gain rent and equity. In the current climate you can still make enough money to retire early as there are cheap properties around and rent has not decreased making this a great time to get into buy-to-let as long as you can get a mortgage. Make sure you research the amount of rent you can get and subtract a little for setup and maintenance to determine the right monthly payments. Go for as long a term as you can to get the payments down.

Repeat the above but perhaps go for a bigger property that could bring in multiple rents.

The Internet sales business is a minefield if you are new to it.  There is a vast array of schemes and many of them are scams that just pass money up to the people who start them.  It is good to select one that is recommended by someone you know or trust and who is actually making money.

With thousands of millions of dollars / pounds / euros worth of business flowing through the internet there truely is scope to make enough money to retire early. Thousands of dollars a day is quite possible if you build up multiple streams of income and learn the art of Internet Marketing.

Many of these products are free to try and so worth working at to see if they are real business opportunities.

Stocks and shares and foreign exchange are areas where fortunes can be found and lost if not done sensibly and with good advice.However there are now many internet tools that can make it available to people who do not have the time to learn the skills and even make it almost fully automatic in buying and selling at the right times to make money.

The risky part of both of these is that to make a lot of money you usually have to invest a lot of money. Property and Internet business can be built either from free or at least with other peoples money.

It really is possible to make enough money to retire early. But it will depend on you as you need to be self-motivated and organized. Dream the dream and plan the journey to that dream.

Dave T Corby

After 30 years in the business I have a lifetimes worth of knowledge and experience to share with you. My aim is to retire to my Greek villa but not until I have helped you to build your assets and online business to make enough money to retire early. I will personally mentor you and guide you through the extensive training program found at:


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