The Future Use of Solar

Solar is tremendously unique. Solar use the light from sunshine coming from the sun and convert the light energy into electrical energy. It is therefore recognise as the renewable energy from the sun.

The solar is great to be use in equator, located almost the middle place in our earth and it is tremendously good for solar use. Places at equator such as Malaysia have sunshine almost throughout the year. In Malaysia, the weather mostly are sunhine and raining. Its a great place for people to invest solar energy in Malaysia.

Another place where solar is best use is in desert, for example Sonara desert. Desert is known as the most hottest place one the surface of our earth. It is therefore the most strategic place for solar panel to be located.

We know that, there is a lot of article about waste and recycle, but have we ever think that we actually are wasting energy from the sun coming to us everyday. In a matter of fact, our world will be dry one day and the scientific cause of the drying is yet to be known to me. Probably from the sun or others.

Nowadays its great if we have several solar panel at our home. I don’t mean solar for the water heater, what I mean is solar which can replace normal battery to powerup our gadget and other electronic stuff.

I think about a month a go, I just knew about photovore, its a great electronic stuff powered up using solar


Anyway, I hope we can benefit a little bit from the sunhine to our earth surface as the electric power. In the past, almost everyday, every year, we see sunshine towards us. -smile-

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