How to Give Yourself a Home Facial

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Keep those wrinkles at bay, red marks and pimples too!

I have been doing my own home facials since I was 24. I bought a book written by Victoria Principal on how she kept herself beautiful and I have been doing them ever since.

Disclaimer: This blog involves boiling water. Be careful! This system may have been used for hundreds of years! It is your responsibility to read this article in full before attempting this method on your own face.

Its the old fashioned method of handling a cold really. Put your head over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head. It is so simple. Why do we complicate it by going along to a beautician and pay to use their steam machine?

We naturally lose one layer of skin a month. Steaming your face simply helps that layer lift off. You can steam clean your face once a month to keep it looking youthful. Steam cleaning also helps the blood circulation come to the surface of your skin again and gets rid of any red blotches that you have.

You will also need to not do it too close to a public event as pimples can also erupt in the week following a cleanse.

The method is to get a bowl of hot water. Don’t use boiling water as this will burn your face. Add cold water to it but to a point where you can still see steam rising from the water. You will learn over time what is the best temperature for you as we all sweat at different temperatures. The point of the hot water is to make you sweat. So your personal sweating temperature is what we want!

It is up to you what sort of bowl you use. I use a glass mixing bowl from the kitchen. It has a top that is wide enough to clearly cover my face and it is heavy enough to feel stable when I put it on the dining table.

Get a good quality face scrub and put that on the table too as you will need it. By good quality I do not mean expensive. My good quality face wash comes from my local supermarket. It is good quality because it has a lot of small ground up bits in it. Some face scrums are creamier with less ‘bits’ in it. And others have ‘bits’ in it that are very soft. So a good quality face scrub has lots of ‘bits’ in it that are not soft.

Next you will need a nice large towel. It needs to fit all the way over your head and tuck in around your neck.

Boil the water, and set it to your temperature and sit it on the dining table. Clear any other interruptions from your mind, or house, that’s if you have husbands or children that might interrupt! You are not to be interrupted during this time! I also turn the radio off and enjoy the peace and quiet too.

Sit down and put the towel over your head. If the water is still a little warm just lift the towel at the front a little to release the steam. Continue steaming for at least 5 minutes, stay longer if it feels right for you. The important thing is that every pore on your face needs to be opened. Turn your face from side to side so that the steam hits all of it to get those pores open.

Next is the scrub so lift the towel off your head for the next phase. Get some scrub and scrub every little nook and cranny in your face. Sit there and give it a good scrub for several minutes. Then head off to the shower to wash it all off. You can cool the water in the bowl and wash it off with a face washer or flannel if you prefer.

Next is the moisturising phase. Steaming is harsh on your skin. Use any moisturiser that you like. I have a separate eye cream that I use too.

Once your skin is clean moisturise your face. Continue to moisturise your face every two hours for the rest of the day or evening. Steaming is a very harsh activity to do on your skin and so be kind to your skin and moisturise it every couple of hours for it to recover.

You will notice a distinct difference after 3 days. Your skin will feel fresher and your face tightens up a lot. Your skin will also be smooth as though someone took to your face with sand-paper(emery-paper). People may compliment you on how nice you are looking but they won’t be able to spot what it is that has changed.


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