Repairing Your Credit Report for Better Chances of Landing a Job

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Employers have certainly become more creative over the years.  Some of the innovative means of checking a candidate’s character is checking online for available information. With the multitude of social networking websites that abound, everyone will definitely be seen in the internet and there is bound to be available information about the person. This is why it is not advisable to post something online which you don’t want your employer (current or future) to know. Another new innovation employers have adopted is checking the candidate’s credit history. This is like a due diligence exercise done on the person, but rather than go outside and interview people, the company instead try to interpret the person’s credit history and from that, possibly form an opinion strong enough to make a decision on.

The jury is still out on whether this practice is fair or not, but for now, it will stay as one of the methods employed by many companies to judge a person’s character. Just how exactly does this work, one might ask. It is very simple and there is no rocket science to it. Your potential employers look at your credit report and determine how responsible and trustworthy you are based on your credit card reports. If your credit card report shows that your bills have piled up because of consecutive expenses, while your bottom line has not improved because you never made a dent in your payables, you are in serious trouble. Companies will take this as being irresponsible and downright trustworthy, and will have second thoughts on whether they should hire you or not. If they do hire you, you can be assured that you are under close monitoring for the first few months at least, and your employer will note what has changed with your credit report after a few months.


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