Are jewelry gifts appropriate for seniors?

We usually present gifts either to our children or elders on the occasion of their birth day, marriage anniversary, super annuation or any other ceremony involving their 60 th, 70, th or 80 th birthday. Invariably we choose our gift articles according to their age, their requirements and the utility of the gifts that we present them. In the case of children, we gift some useful articles to them like pen, watch or book etc.

In the case of elders or seniors, we usually present them with articles which are more relevant and useful to them.

Since our seniors happen to be our elders, while making a gift to them, we should always take into consideration the age of the seniors, their family background and their health condition etc. If situation warrants there is nothing wrong in consulting the seniors or elders to whom we propose to gift anything.

But generally, while making a gift to our seniors or elders, we usually present gold jewelry, say in the form of a ring or a bracelet or a chain or necklace according to our financial condition. We are always prompted to purchase a gold jewelry so as to present it to our seniors because gold is generally or rather we can say always considered as a precious metal or material on this earth. Once gifted, the jewelry becomes a permanent movable property as well as an investment for the seniors, because the price of the gold is always on the upward trend and only rarely it has a nosedive. The gold jewelry is doubly advantageous because on the one hand it is regularly worn by the seniors that enhance their beauty, prestige and their status as well. On the other hand, the gold jewelry can always be considered as an asset or an investment in hand. Another advantage of gold jewelry is that in case of any exigency that may arise for seniors, it can always be used to mobilize funds either by mortgaging or even by selling the gold jewelry.

In these days, mostly the parents are always considered as a burden by their own grown up children, even if the children are well off. In case of seniors or elders being forsaken by their own children, they have to rely upon on their own gold jewelry only, for mobilizing funds and to have a monetary support. When we consider it from a different perspective, the grown up children look after their aged parents only if they have anything to put by, say old age pension or immovable properties or movable properties like gold jewelry.

Therefore, taking the above aspects into consideration, it can safely be concluded, jewelry gifts are more appropriate for seniors or elders than any other thing in the world.

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