Should you go gray naturally or dye your hair as you age?

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Though aging is a natural and inevitable process, for more than one reason, you dislike aging or at least you do not want to show that you are aging.As you age, you have wrinkles in your face and body.Your hair begins to fall and the hair that remains in your head go gray.However against the wishes of nature you want to remain ever young.You make frantic attempts to remain young by way of exercise, yoga and healthy diet.To remove the wrinkles on your face and the body, you undergo facial, you frequent to beauty parlours with the fervent hope of becoming slim and looking young. You are also partially successful in your attempts.

Though going gray is a natural process sometimes it peeps into your life rather prematurely at a very young age, due to a hereditary factor under the influence of genes.However, when you are employed, you are also influenced by some extraneous factors in the world to lead a formal life in your office and informal life at your home.In your office you have a different sense of dressing and manners that includes your beautiful hair style.This formal behavior forces you to hide your natural process of aging.By concealing the natural process of going gray, you get your hair dyed either in black or brown color that suits your complexion.

When you are in a responsible position in an office like manager or an officer, naturally you need to command respect from your subordinates by virtue of your good looks and pleasant manners.To have a good look, you need to dress properly, behave with pleasing manners, to remain soft spoken and courteous and above all looking smart and young.Hence naturally, you need to dye your hair to have a well groomed hair.Similarly people from the acting profession, who always want to remain evergreen hero or heroine, in order to hide their age prefer to dye their hair.You know pretty well that the tinsel world is a magic world.

In the modern world, people always want to have a smart look irrespective of their position in an office.Going gray in a natural way means that you are aging and nobody likes that. Hence people resort to dyeing their hair.Apart from that, womenfolk never like to reveal their age nor they like aging and going gray naturally.They resort to dye their gray hair.Under the influence and strong persuasion of wives, their husbands were forced to dye their hair. Therefore, you resort to dye your gray hair, to feel so young, to have a pleasing personality and appearance and in order to fill up the generation gap, with your colleagues in the office, to remain equal with your wife and to feel young among your children.

However, in dyeing your hair there are some difficulties. Since the dye is made of a chemical substance, when it is applied on your head in permeates through the scalp of your head and causes cancer.The hair dye even affects those people like beauticians and hair dressers who deal with the hair dye regularly for a long period.

Sometimes, hair dye is allergic to some people causing a thickened skin and blackening of their face.

Therefore, before resorting to dye your hair, it is always good to check its allergic influence upon your body.If it is allergic it is better to avoid it.However, you can use dyes made of herbal products to avoid the ill effects of dye.Considering all the aspects of dyeing your hair, it is better to dye your hair as long as you remain in service when you are employed. Even after retiring, you can continue to dye your hair made of herbal products as long as you do not have any health hazards. However, if you are a professional like a doctor or a lawyer, it is always good to have a natural look with a gray hair in order to impress your clients, because most of the senior lawyers or doctors always naturally go gray as they age. Hence, you need not be an exception.

However, when you retire from service, it is the age when your grand children have to call you as grandpa or grandma.Just imagine what you will feel when your grandchildren refuse to call you as a grandpa or grandma, but an uncle or aunt under the influence of your dyed hair in your old age!


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