Health care tips


• Water is an important ingredient & protects body from dehydration & regulates body temperature.
• Regular Checkup will improve the health factor of your body.
• Spinach juice is good source of iron for your body.
• Regular exercise energize your body & helps to keep it fit & sound. 
• Stress – a brisk walk is helpful in relieving stress.
• Oatmeal lowers the cholesterol level in your body.
• Doing breathing exercise helps in contraction of your abdominal muscles.
• Hot tea with honey is helpful for migraine patients.
• To control blood pressure, relieve yourself from depression & exercise regularly.

Regular Health care Issues & Measures

o Add vegetables, fruits & nutritious eatables in your diet.
o Yoga contributes to mental care & nurturing.
o Be optimistic about everything in life as positive vibration improves health.
o Suffering from cold, try a mixture of lemon juice and honey
o Chew some cumin for getting relief from stomach pain. 
o Drink a glass of water if you are suffering from acidity.
o Avoid smoking as it ruins your lungs gradually
o Pollution –Use some cloth to cover your face while you are in a polluted place
o Drinking excessively is very injurious to health, avoid doing it often.
o Regular Checkup’s are very necessary to prevent diseases.
o Take a vitamin & mineral rich diet & eat a balanced diet full of fiber.
o Training upper body weight is helpful in maintaining a lean body.

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