MadLibs, but not quite . . .

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Sometimes you just have to be silly, so I come up with a basic idea and ask for parts of speech (kind of like MadLibs, but without pre-set blanks), and my mom and sister provide the words. This way, I can also fit the words into the story later and the original idea certainly warps into something entirely different! Here’s our result!

How to Survive Space Shuttle Tatting

The first thing to do is to make sure to pack all your belongings in silicone baking pans. Then, you must find your way to the hovel. Once you find your way to the hovel, make sure you take all of your silicone baking pans as then they must be scanned by the plumber. The plumber will let you know if any items are hurtling through space.

If any items are hurtling through space, they will not be allowed on the space shuttle. Once it is time to board the space shuttle, the cooper will announce the number and destination of each space shuttle.

The cooper will ask you to wait in a fuzzy-faced septagon. If you do not wait in this fuzzy-faced septagon, you may be asked to wiki whack to the core of the septagon.

Once the septagon starts squawking, people will be able to board the space shuttle and it should not take long for everybody to be on board.

Once you are on the space shuttle, you should defer to your nuclear physicist. Your nuclear physicist will instruct you in all safety deferences.

If you do not defer to your nuclear physicist, you have the risk of deprecating all of your safety deferences. This is a disappointing situation if the space shuttle happens to tat.

However, most space shuttles do not tat and armor politely at the next hovel.

After your space shuttle armors, it is time to unbridle. After you have unbridled, you can then quiz your silicone baking pans. Most likely, you are now at your high security containment facility.


This game is easy to play as long as you can write or copy simple stories and make sure to keep changing your words!


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