How to Write an Online Article You Can Read Over and Over

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Let’s do this quick.

Everyone wants to say something online.  Fine.

Everyone wants to be heard.  Fine.

Everyone’s online opinion counts.  Fine.

The problem is everyone is busy talking and everyone has such short attention span.  So the trick is to get people to listen to you all the way through and not click elsewhere (and believe it, they will click that mouse) the moment they get bored.

Now, how to write an online article that really matters:

Less is more. Web readers don’t enjoy reading large blocks of paragraphs.  As

a rule of thumb, Author Crawford Kilian (of Writing for the Web) suggests you keep your paragraphs of online text under about 75 words each.

One idea per paragraph.   When you’re done with the idea, it’s time for a new paragraph.

Be simple. Your web audience can be anywhere from 8 years old to 98 years old, anywhere in the globe, so you need to be understood.  If you have to use jargons, explain.  Keep your words simple.  Substitute shorter words for longer words.  For example, don’t utilize when you can simply use.

Image is Everything. We’re all suckers for images, whether it’s a still photograph or a video.  If your article has an accompanying image, people are more likely to take a second look, and maybe even stay on the page.  Nothing hooks like a great image.

Use the inverted pyramid. Webreaders don’t scroll down to read everything.

Usually, they just scan relevant words and read only the first few paragraphs, then leave.

With the inverted pyramid style, you writetheimportant and interesting facts in the beginning of your article, then the less-important details as you go down.  That way, readers can stop anytime they like, but still get the gist of your story.

Keywords.  Keywords.  Keywords. They help your article get picked up by the

Google search results whenever someone types in that particular keyword.  If you’re writing about “online articles”, then include those keywords in your title.  It’s also worth repeating “online articles” all over your text.  Don’t overuse though or you’ll sound like a robot.

Use bullet points. These help break the monotony of too-long paragraphs,

making them easier on the eyes.  This also gives your readers an idea of what the paragraph will be about.

Make sure you really are talking about something. We get it.  You bought a

new pair of shoes and you can’t wait to tell the world.  But don’t just babble about your shoes like everyone else.  Connect your story to a bigger, more meaningful context.  It doesn’t have to be pretentiously deep.  Just relevant and worth your readers’ while.  At the end of the day, content is still king. 

Finally, get the word out. Promote your article through your blog, chatrooms, forums, everywhere.  Don’t simply cut and paste the link address.  Hyperlink the title of your article.

Remember, writing online articles don’t have to be scary as it looks.  All you need is a few well-placed verbs here and there, some spunky adjectives, and the occasional interjection, and you’re set to go.


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