The duties of the father of the groom during the wedding

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Though the heroine and hero of a wedding are the bride and bridegroom respectively, the duties of the father of the groom may be compared to that of a director of a movie to see that the wedding is properly and smoothly taking place or akin to that of a captain of a ship to see that the wedding ship is safely sailing and reaching the shore.

Though the father of the groom is only human, he is expected to be omni-present or all pervading during a wedding. When we consider his duties during the wedding, at a superficial look, they may appear to be only a very few and far between and just pose himself for the photographs whenever he is called for.But in reality, his tasks and duties are much heavier than any one else.

The wedding is going to take place in a few hours. The father of the groom has to dress himself in a proper and a new attire and have a pleasant look.His duties during the wedding may be classified into two categories, external and internal.

His external duties are to see that the guests are received properly at the entrance of the wedding hall and seated and accomodated.He has to see that the decorations or sign boards at the entrance of the marriage hall are properly installed with a good look atmosphere.He has to ensure that the photographers and the video camara men are present at the wedding function in time.He has to see that the fresh garlands and other connected material meant for the bride and the bridegroom supplied in time.He has to accommodate outstation guests in the proper rooms, hotels and guest houses etc and make arrangements for their arrival to the wedding in time.He has to engage sufficient number of vehicles in a working condition for attending all external activities in a wedding, like accomodating the guests, picking them up for the marriage in time, to procure any essential thing for the wedding etc.

His internal duties are that he should be ubiquitous and omnipresent, inside the wedding hall, leave aside his age. He should be present at the marriage platform whenever he is called for to perform the ceremonies connected with a marriage.He has to ensure his presence and overall supervision of the kitchen, dining hall and store room etc in the marriage hall.It is his duty to bless the newly married couple immediately after their marriage and also to thank every one of the guests who have attended the marriage.He has to see that all the guests who are given proper send off when they leave the marriage hall after attending the wedding.

It is the duty of the groom’s father to attend to any grievance that is reported to him then and there, during the marriage, without creating any fuss about it.Above all, it is his duty to delegate his duties to his close confidents both in external and internal affirs of the marriage and see that they are entrusted to proper persons with adequate experience.

Thus the father of the groom has to be very busy attending to every details of the wedding of the groom.If he feels that he is not capable enough to to perform all the above mentioned duties, it is better to entrust them to an experienced person and confine himself with the duties of blessing and performing marriage ceremonies as the father of the groom, on the occasion of the wedding.He should see that the wedding takes place as smoothly as possible.


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