What You Need to Know About Home Insurance

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We all want to save on home insurance premiums, this is a fact, and in fact we all want to save on anything, what with the current global financial crisis we hear on the news just about everyday. But are there really proven ways on saving on home insurance premiums? There are, but first let us define what we mean when we say “save”. For me, when it comes to insurance, saving means getting the same benefits for less cost. This would mean you get the same amount of coverage or protection for your home but you get it at a cheaper price than what you would have normally gotten it for. This one you can do by just plain being diligent and doing your research. As always, you shop for more than two proposals, probably five or more, so you can do comparisons of each of the proposal in your hand. By doing this, you know that the lowest proposal is the one that saves you some money because it offers the same coverage as the other four but for less cost. Sometimes, proposals are priced differently than when you actually file your application, particularly proposals that you got online. This is because there might be some conditions that were not considered when you shopped online and of course this will be thoroughly considered when you finalize your application. You can still use the proposals, though, as a guide. The one who gave you the least cost proposal will probably give you the least cost actual proposal when you apply.

Other means of saving on your home insurance is by making your home less risky, and you can do this by installing safety devices such as anti-theft or anti-fire. An alarm system may be something that will cost you a few hundred dollars but it will be one that will save you more on your home insurance policy year after year, not to mention that you have really improved the security system of your home. Replacing your old locks with a deadbolt lock system also improves your chances of reducing your home insurance premiums. Smoke detectors are also very wise installments in one’s home because they help detect and deter fire and therefore reduce significantly the cost of premiums. Again, you hit two birds with one stone by making your house more fire-prone and getting reductions in premiums for it.

If you are just buying a house, you should take the above-mentioned items into consideration. Remember that home insurance policies are long-term expenses and it will do you well to reduce them as much as you can. Other items that help reduce the costs or rates of home insurance plans are the proximity of your home to a fire hydrant or better still, your proximity to a fire station. You can be sure to get very low premiums if you are next door neighbors with your local fire station.

On the other hand big trees, though beautiful they may be, sometimes contribute to increasing your home insurance premiums, particularly if the branches hang above your house. Or if they touch the electric cables on the streets, and so it will be wise to maintain their leaves at a certain thickness and also to regularly cut their branches every now and then.

One other thing that can help you save on home insurance premiums is improving your electrical wiring system. Say, you replaced the casing of your wires with a sturdier one, this will not go unnoticed by your insurance company. Just remember to always keep your insurer in the loop so that he knows when to adjust your home insurance plan. Remember also that a relationship between an insurer and a homeowner should be one of partnership because you may actually end up dealing with each other for a long time, and that is why it is important to choose well all the time.


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