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Choosing the perfect wedding invitations can be a bit overwhelming; especially with all else you have to think about…now you have to go and sift through dozens of cards…with so many similarities…yet with subtle differences…with various themes, card styles, and presentations…it’s sometimes somewhat breathtaking to take in all the options and still make a decision that’s just right for you and your beloved mate.

The wonders of the Internet have made some aspects about choosing the perfect wedding invitations somewhat less stressful.  You can often request free samples of the wedding cards in a line of selections, after you have narrowed your search down to a select few.  Having the cards arrive in the mail, so you can hold them in your hand, makes it so much easier to imagine those samples as though they were your actual wedding invitations.

Another great aspect about browsing selections online is you can bookmark pages with designs you like and quickly seek opinions and input from trusted friends or family members—like mom or best friend; especially if they don’t live close enough to be by your side—by simply emailing them the link(s) for them to get a look at particular wedding cards you might be considering.  Just remember to make these choices TOGETHER…as a COUPLE!  

Once you have decided on a few, different examples of wedding invitations, you can [usually]have a sample of each mailed to you.  Once you receive your samples in the mail, go ahead and solicit the opinions of people you love and trust, and maybe even a few acquaintances, particularly if you’re stumped on your final choice; sometimes the input of someone who isn’t as emotionally invested can help you see things more clearly and add unbiased perspective parents, siblings, or close friends lack.

All in all, shopping for wedding invitations online, versus a local print shop, can prove to be just as satisfying.

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