Wireless Configuration for 615 D-link

First what you need to do is get a Lan cable and connect the Lan port to either ports from one to four on your router and one to your computer.Please be sure that your connection TCP/IP propeties is on Dhcp.  To do this go to network connection from control panel select lan connection, in general click propeties scroll and look for TCP/IP and click properties again.  If this had been manually configured than you will have to change setting to automatic. You should see your default gateway as at the support page.  Once connected type open your internet explorer be it (mozzila,Chrome or just i.e)  type in on your address browser.   A d-link homepae will start-up.  Just login with no password.  On the top left side go to setup.  Click wireless settings and browse down to find manual wireless settings. Change the SSID to prefered name.  Scroll down to go to security settings.  Choose WPA-personal.  Type in your 8-64 digit password, something that you would remember is prefered.  Scroll back up and save. Pull out the Lan cable to test wireless.

Turn on your wireless and look for the network that you had set it to, (your SSID).  it should indicate security enabled wireless network. Connect to network and your pc will ask for password.  Key in your 8-64 digit password and click connect.  Be sure to save configuration so you dont have to key in password all the time.  It should indicate as connected and you are ready to surf.  please don’t forget to connect router to modem Thank you.

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