How smart are you?

How smart are you?

Do you think that you are smart? Try this out! This quiz is not that hard but i am sure that you can’t score well.

Do you think that you are smart?

To those who think that they are very smart, try to answer the question below and see how smart you are. This is just a simple test and if you can’t score well here, you are not as smart as you think you are. But believe me, not everyone is a genius and intelligence could be improved with experience. Below are the details of the quiz and hope you enjoy it.

There are five questions below and it will test your intelligence. Prepare a piece of paper and down your answer. Then, check your intelligence mark at the end of this test and you will know how smart you actually are. Don’t forget to send this quiz to your friend and let them know their actual inteligence.


How smart you think you are? (10 is genius and 0 means dumb)

You overtake the last person in a race, you are now in which place?

In an interview, you are asked to choose between two options. First option, answer one hard question and second option, answer 100 simple questions. Which will you choose?

Do you like this quiz?

What are the first questions you see in this test?

The end…

This is all the question and just feel free to look at the answer by clicking the link below.

To know the answer, CLICK THE LINK BELOW



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