How to Get Youthful Skin- Part I

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080807-perfect-skin-vmed4p.widec.jpgAt some point in all our lives, we realize the quest for the Fountain of Youth has begun, and we diligently seek it out in the form of many lotions and potions.  All of the companies that produce skin care products claim that they have the one that will give you that soft, glowing look of youth, but they are often filled with heavy perfumes and harmful chemicals that are actually toxic to your skin.  Not to mention that the industry is overly saturated with different products, which just adds to the confusion of knowing which skin care products actually work the best. 

We all need solid, sound advice here that we can trust.  My best friend has always had unbelievably super soft skin, and one day, many years ago now, she shared here secret with me. 

The way to get baby-soft, youthful skin is apply baby oil all over your body at the end of your bath or shower.  The trick is to stand in the shower and liberally apply the baby oil all over your body before you have dried off.  Make sure you are careful and have a safety bath mat because it can get slippery with all the baby oil.  After you’ve applied the baby oil, then blot-dry yourself off with your towel.

The final step for getting youthful skin is to apply cocoa butter all over your body after you’ve gotten out of the shower.  Now you have baby-soft, youthful skin!  When you purchase the baby oil, you can also pick one that has vitamin E in it, which has additional healing properties.  Using baby oil and cocoa butter will definitely give you youthful, baby-soft skin.

In my next article, I will share my tips on how to take care of your face to achieve glowing, youthful skin, in “How to Get Youthful Skin- Part II”.  Please check my list of articles soon!


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