Nasonex Nasal Spray Review

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As a person who has severe allergies as well as asthma, I have been tried on a number of medications. Some medications have helped me a whole lot in my day to day activities, while others have caused some pretty severe side effects. About two years ago I was placed onto Nasonex nasal spray in the early fall when I was having severe allergic reactions to the high ragweed counts here in western Ohio.

Below is my review of Nasonex Nasal Spray.

Ease of Use:

Nasonex Nasal Spray is very easy to use. Nasonex comes packages in a small and easy to use nasal pump which sprays a fine mist of the medication. Before using Nasonex you must prime the pump by actuating it at least five times, or until you start to see a fine mist of the medication come out. As you use the Nasonex you should tilt your head back very slightly and point the medication toward your ear so that the medication goes to the correct area. The Nasonex Nasal Spray is certainly easy to use and store.


The affordability of Nasonex is obviously going to depend on whether your health insurance covers Nasonex or not, but there is some good news from the Nasonex web site. If you register for free on the you can receive coupons that save you a pretty good amount of money.


Having used Nasonex quite a lot I have to say that the medication is quite effective in reducing nasal allergy symptoms. It has helped me when I have sinus headaches as well as when I have a stuffy nose. The medication works fairly quickly, which is definitely nice.

Side Effects:

Unfortunately I have had some side effects with Nasonex. After using Nasonex consistently for quite some time I tend to begin to get nose bleeds quite often. In addition to nose bleeds a less severe side effect that is quite common is to get small sores in the nose or to get a scratchy throat from the medicine.


Overall I like Nasonex, but I can only use it for a few days at a time. The nose bleeds that it has given me don’t allow me to use it as a daily medication, but rather I use it in the summer when my allergies are at their very worst. Nasonex does its job well, but they are a couple caveats.


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