Spray Tanning

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In my opinion the Mystic Tan UV Free Tanning Booth is the best way to get your tan on.  It only takes approximately 60 seconds.  You can find the Mystic Booth at one of your local tanning salons.  The results are great and not streaky like some of the other booths.  The process is very private and no one will see you naked if you are worried about that.  Wearing a swim suit or other garment is optional, but why would you want tan lines? The tan will last about 5 to 7 days depending on how you take care of your skin afterwards.  The average price is about $25.00 for one session but you can usually save money by purchasing more than one session at a time.  Just keep in mind that the tan wil not protect you from the sun and you can still burn. It wil take 4 to 6 hours for the tan to develop so no shower or excersise is recommened during that time.

Step One: Shower and exfoliate at home before going to the salon.

Step Two:  Decide what level of color that you want to be sprayed. There are 3 levels. The salon can help you decide which color would be best for you.

Step Three: Watch the video of the process so that you know what to expect.

Step Four: Enter the room and put on your barrier cream, hair net and nose filters (optional).  Step into the booth and activate the session.

Another option is to tan in a tanning bed a then hop into the Mystic Tanning Booth.  This can be called different names at different tanning salons but the two main names are, “California Cocktail” or “Double Dip”.  The purpose of this is to heat the body up and open the pores.  This allows the spray tan to be absorbed by the body better which should produce better results.

Get your tan on!


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