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Brian Jacques is an English author known for his Redwall series as well as the Tribes of Redwall and Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series. Brian Jacques was born in Liverpool, England on June 15, 1939 Brian was born with a great talent. At age ten, he was given an assignment by his teacher to write a story about animals. He wrote a story about a bird that cleaned a crocodiles teeth. His teacher could not believe that a 10 year old kid could have wrote that. He got called a liar for denying that he was the original author of the story.

Only then he new that he had a great talent for writing. Brian Jacques attended St. John’s private school until he was fifteen years old. He left to become a sea merchant sailor. His book Redwall was written for the children of the Royal Wavertree School for the Blind. He called them his “special friends”. He met them when he was delivering milk there as a truck driver. He spent a lot of time with them and began to write stories for them. This is why the book has so much detailed and so many sites are so deeply explained.

His novels have sold more than twenty million copies worldwide and have been published in twenty-eight languages. His first book got noticed when his friend named Alan Durban showed it to his own publisher without Brian knowing (Wikipedia). Alan Durban told his publisher, “This is the finest children’s tale I’ve ever read and you’d be foolish not to publish it.” After , Jacques was summoned to London to meet with the publishers, who gave him a contract to write the next five books in the series. Brian Jacques said that the character names in his book were named after people he met. He based Gonff, the “Prince of Mouse thieves,” on himself when he was small. Mariel is based on his granddaughter and Constance the Badger mum is based on his grandmother. Other characters are different names put together from other people he met when he traveled.

“I sometimes think it ironic for an ex-seaman, longshoreman, truck driver, policeman, bus driver, etc. . . to find success writing children’s novels,” (Redwall) said Brian Jacques. People might think its hard to say his last name but it is simply pronounced “Jakes”. Brian Jacques is the host of “Jakestown” on BBC Radio Merseyside (Biography Base). He is an actor, stand-up comic, and a playwright. “My favorite teacher was Mr. Austin Thomas. He looked like Lee Marvin. Big Man. A Captain in World War II. He came to school on a big push bike with the haversack on back. He was a man’s man. Always fair.

I was fourteen at the time when Mr. Thomas introduced the class to poetry and Greek literature. It was because of him, I saved seven shillings and sixpence to buy The Iliad and The Odyssey at this dusty used book shop.” Said Brian Jacques. Brian Jacques published a lot of  hair rising, eye widening, jaw dropping, mind racing books that all children love and enjoy. His books are a huge success and are greatly enjoyed by people around the world. The novels have been written in Italian, German, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Dutch, Russian and Japanese. Brian Jacques likes to write poems, songs, and of course books. Today, he still lives in Liverpool, England, doing the thing he loves to do. Write.

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