How to attract more traffic to your blog??

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Every blog owner’s main challenge is to make their articles popular and eventually attract more people to read it. Following are some methods, that you may adopt to increase traffic to your blog.

Make use of pinging services
For those who are new to blogging, let me explain that ‘pinging your blog’ means that whenever your blog is updated, a ‘ping’ is sent out to let the website know that your blog has been updated. The thousands of people who visit those websites will see your blog flash accross the side of the screen as ‘newly updated’.
Here are a few ‘pinging’ services that you can make use of : Yahoo’s blogs,, Google Blog search, ZingFast etc.

Sign up for RSS services such as FeedBurner
it is basically a site that helps you to promote your blog’s content, and also to build and measure your audience.

Sign up at
Visit, there you’ll find an option towards the left side of the screen to “Claim Your Blog.” By ‘claiming your blog’ you get updated link counts, and you get to see your Technorati link. The millions of people who visit that site gets to see your blog listed there and it eventually leads to an increase in traffic to your blog.

Make it a habbit to post comments at other blogs
once in a while, visit similar blogs to your own, and make it a point to post legitimate comments and then sign your name and also add the link to your blog.It will not only result in increased traffic to your blog,but you wll also get a good feedback from the people who read you blog.

you can ask owners of other blogs to post a link back to your blog
Contact owners of other blogs(whose posts are similar to yours and one who has considerably good traffic to their own blogs) and ask them to add a link back to your site. Many will be more than happy to help you out. In return they might ask you to do the same in your site, do it, as you have got nothing to lose.

make use of keywords in your blog
Websites like google adwords help you to find out keywords which are most searched for in a day. Having a good number of keywords on a blog is a terrific way of getting popular search engine spiders to notice your blog. “Search engine spiders” are programs realeased by search engines that visit websites and reports back their findings to the search engine database, which then lists that site. Make sure to have a lot of good keywords on your site to increase the chances of ‘search engine spiders’ visiting your site.


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