Is suicide ever justified?

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Suicide can never be justified. Right to live is an inalienable birth right of each and every human being. It is the duty of a state to protect your life; therefore, it is a crime to commit suicide.

Suicide is the result of momentary decision and usually prompted by some untoward incident that happens to a person;it defies logic and reasoning and of course, lacking in justification.

People commit suicide by hanging, by taking pills or poison, by self-immolation, by drowning in the well or river, by shooting themselves,by falling themselves in a railway track when a train passes through and in rare occasions commit suicide in most bizarre methods and circumstances.

When you consider various reasons and circumstances under which suicides are committed, you can arrive at a decision, whether suicide is ever justified.

Suicides are not committed by children;people from the age group of teenage to the senior citizens and above tend to commit suicide for one reason or another that cause them extreme and unbearble hardships;untold miseries and sufferings.In other words people commit suicide, when they face the hard realities of life that affect them mentally or physically in such a way that they have no remedy or salvation.

Suicides are committed in the stage of teenage, adulthood and in the old age.When you analyse them in each stage, you can arrive at a conclusion that suicides are never justified.

1)Suicides committed in the teen age stage:

Teen age people commit suicide rather for flimsy reasons like failing in the examination, love failure, becoming pregnant without getting married and being cheated by their lovers etc.Teen age people take such hasty decisions, because of lack of mental maturity;They mostly keep and maintain their love affaire rather secretly and so there is a lack of communication between them and their parents.Through proper counselling and by rearing them in a disciplined manner, such suicides can always be avoided.For example, if they fail in the exams, teens should be convinced in such a way that it is not the end of their life;they should be adviced and encouraged to appear in the next examination;besides parents of teens should behave in a more responsible way by not scolding or punishing them but consoling them.Similarly, if parents come to know about the love affaire of their teen children, they should always be prepared to face and ready to offer appropriate advice to their children.As parents of teens, they should create a sense of confidence and moral support in the teens.

2)Suicides committed by the adults:

In the adulthhood stage,people sometimes commit suicide due to a misunderstanding with their spouses;they also commit suicide for incurring economic loss in their business and heavy debt burden.What these people forget is, for any problem there is always a solution;lack of proper planning is the root cause for all the economic evils.

Domestic violence is the major problem in India that forces women to commit suicide often, by committing self-immolation, unable to bear the physical torture inflicted upon them by their husbands.But these women should realise that they can have adequate legal protection and remedies from police stations and courts;thereby stop the harassment by their husbands, instead of resorting to commit suicide rather unnecessarily.

In some rare cases, the poor people suffering from costly deceases like heart ailments,cancer etc and not having sufficient funds to seek medical help,commit suicide under the influence of unbearable pain and mental torture.They too have solutions.There are a number of charitable institutions to offer help for such needy people.Where there is a will, there is a way.Therefore, suicide is by no means justified.

3)Suicides committed by the aged people:

Aged people who have no means and remain uncared for, sometimes commit suicide.But they too have homes to take care of them.What they actually need is your love and affection and a few kind words to console them.

In India, attempt to commit suicide is a crime under section 309 of the Indian Penal Code providing punishment upto one year.However, there has been an outcry to delete the section 309 from the IPC,citing it as unconstitutional.However, Supreme Court of India has time and again held that section 309 is constitutional.But recently, the Eighth Law Commission headed by A.R.Lakshmanan has recommended for the deletion of section 309 stating that the people who are already suffering from mental agony should not be subjected to mental agony again by awarding any punishment under the penal code.However, when people try to commit suicide, those persons who goad them towards suicide are punishable under law.

Therefore, eventhough people try to commit suicide under the gravest circumstances, they are not justified to do so, because, people always have other ways and means to bail them out.


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