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Hypnotic Language Patterns Part 2

Semantic Ill-formedness

Here is something for you to study during the summer months. See what happens when you string together some of these types of phrases or put them , appropriately, into your everyday conversations.

  • Causal Modelling, or linkage

occurs when  words are used that imply a cause-effect relationship exist between things that are happening. The listener will tend to respond as if one thing did cause the other thing to happen.

There are three categories linkage –

Causality Statements use words such as makes, causes, forces, means, requires. This is the strongest kind of linkage.

Example = Becoming aware of the sensations in your hands means that you can start to notice that one hand seems lighter, or heavier than the other.

Deep relaxation causes your breathing to slow down

To not close your eyes requires a lot of concentration

Reading this article will cause your understanding to deepen

Time connection use words like as, when, during, while, to establish a connection in time between things that are currently happening. (e. g. Pacing current experience).

Example = As you hear the sounds around you, you can begin to feel more comfortable.

While you are tapping your foot, you can become more relaxed

Simple conjunctions uses and.

Examples = You are sitting here and you are wondering…..

You can hear my voice and notice how curious you are becoming…

When using linkages the speaker starts with something that is happening and joins it to something they want to happen. This approach is most effective when you start with the Simple conjunctions (least effective) and move gracefully through Time connections to Causality statements (the strongest).

Example = So you are reading these words and beginning to feel easier about things and as you notice the whiteness of the paper that these words are written on you can become more interested in the way we use our language and that means that things are becoming easier for you to understand, as time passes by.

Mind Reading using suitable generalisations and acting as if you know what the other person is thinking can build the credibility of the hypnotist.

Example =  you may be wondering what we are going to be doing.

So I can tell that you have got something to sort out.

And I know that things haven’t  always been easy for you.

Lost Performative uses statements that make some kind of evaluation, or value judgement where the performer of the judgement is absent (lost). Such statements can be used to preface or pack presuppositions.

Example = Its good to realise that these things can be solved.  (which things?)

Its easier to do when you are relaxed.  (what is easier to do?)

  • Limits of model of the world

Universal Quantifiers used to overgeneralise, enabling the listener to carry out their own interpretation, within the limits of their model of the world.

Example =   Everyone knows their own special way of relaxing.

You can go all the way down.

All the things that you remember are somehow connected.

Model Operators of possibility and necessity indicate aspects of choice, the existence or absence of choice.

Example  = Have you noticed that you cant keep your eyes open. You could begin to see new choices.

But you must not come back to now until you are ready.

You ought to be able to do it now.

Your hands should start feel lighter now.

When you can just put together phrases that use these structures, that are in keeping with the context with in which you are dealing (be it EFT or buying a car)  you will begin to notice that surprising things can start to happen.   (just imagine if you are buying a car and you say to the seller something like …. and as you can hear the traffic driving by, on the road, prices, as everyone knows, are really low, arent they. someone said to me only the other day You can always get a bargain at xxx cars and I did not know that you give such bigdiscounts I find that  when you are confused and somebody says its OK, that  makes it all right and that means you have got another satisfied client.….)

Oh, what fun you  could have!!  See the videos of the all time expert Derren Brown  on YouTube and you will get what I mean – you may have to cut and paste this into your browser search bar. There are a lot more and remember he is an expert and it is done for TV!


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