The Best of Squirrel Monkeys

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The Squirrel Monkey, one of the many monkeys that prefers to stay in the middle canopy but when in danger will go into the high or the low canopy.They are mostly found in the Amazon Basin and in Bolivia, Brazil, Peru,Venezuela, and French Guiana. The Squirrel Monkey does not like to stay alone, so they travel in a pack of 12-100 monkeys, but Occasionally over 500 have been spotted at once. The monkey is mostly quiet but will scream very loudly when in danger or is alarmed. They  are omnivores mostly eat fruits and insects, and their sharp teeth are very capable of biting insects. They have good eye sight and color vision so they can spot different colors of fruit from far away. Any of the bigger animals would easily eat the Squirrel monkey… if they could catch it. But their most dangerous predator are hawks and eagles. They don’t tend to fight most of the time when attacked, they will just go away to a different location even when in large groups. Their hands are shaped like ours very easily able to grip tree branches and for picking up fruits and insects. One of the weirdest things about the Squirrel monkey is that they would rub urine on their hands and feet so they can leave a scent behind for other monkeys to know that they have been here. The monkey’s different colors (black heads, grey body, and yellow hands and legs) Camouflage it to blend into different kinds of places.


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