Sony Viao: Long lasting impression!

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I recently bought this laptop and though it came a little expensive, I really consider this my priced possession. Since I am an engineering student I frequently need to download software so the first priority on my list was the memory, which was fulfilled very well by this Sony Vaio laptop. It has a 250 GB of hard disk space and a 3 GB RAM so it can support all the software that require good amount of RAM to run. This laptop comes in various shades ranging from Black to Pink and even Brown. The one I bought is Cherry Red colour and it really looks great! It only weighs around 1.5kg and is very convenient to carry around. Also it came with a stylish laptop bag so it can be easily carried around anywhere.  This laptop is loaded with much relevant software required to make work easier. But for all those programmers out there it has very little to offer. You will need to install the Java Development Kit (jdk), C IDE and the Visual Basic studio etc since it doesn’t already come equipped with any of them. The Operating System used is Windows Vista and it is equipped with Intel Core Duo Processor P8400. The RAM is more than sufficient so the laptop usually doesn’t show slow performance which is mostly happens in case of Windows Vista. Though the total hard disk space is 250 GB, it only shows 222 GB in the explorer window. The rest of the 27 GB is mysteriously not shown in it and I have even talked with the customer care centre about it yet they were not able to give a satisfactory reason for this. Also 70 GB of the space s already occupied. So don’t expect to get the whole space of hard disk to work on.

Games and other graphic software work fairly well due to the presence of a GeForce 9300M GS Video card from Nvidia. However some software ( like Turbo C++) don’t work in full screen mode. However that flaw is due to the presence of Windows Vista as the Operating System. The LCD 14.1 inch screen presents flawless display and it’s a pleasure to watch movies on this laptop.

As far as the looks are concerned it has simply awesome and lovable outlook. The laptop has 3 USB drives which are located on both sides of the keypad. The keys are not too small and can be easily worked with; also the mouse is very sensitive. I however prefer to work with an external mouse so I bought a USB optical mouse and that work fine with the laptop. And also since the laptop has 3 USB ports so even if one is occupied by the mouse that I work with the other two are free to attach other equipments. There are many other slots present on all the four side, like the LAN port, the MicroCard Reader, SD port and the switch to turn the connectivity on or off. I don’t need to plug in my Digi Cam in through the USB port; rather the Micro SD card can be directly inserted and read by through the card reader slot. The connectivity can be through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LAN port. The laptop has in-built microphone and good quality speakers which give best performance with Headphones. A DVD Writer Drive is also present on the right hand side of the laptop. There is a 1.3 MP camera located above the screen which has motion eye and recognises faces and zooms on to them. Apart from all the above features the Laptop comes with Microsoft Office 2007 and McAffe Anti-Virus but both are available on a trial basis of 30 days. This is a drawback considering the price of laptop. Also the battery back-up is around 3 hours with balanced performance which is another disadvantage.

Overall this is a nice laptop but a bit pricey with a price Rs.59,999/- , but once you look at its shining outer body, with metallic shine you wouldn’t regret buying this!


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