Keeping safe while shopping online

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When you are shopping online you have to take certain precautions to keep your identity safe. There are many hackers in cyberspace, just waiting for someone to slip up. One little mistake can cause you thousands of dollars and years of trying to regain your identity. Let me give you some easy tips to keep safe while shopping online, this way you can enjoy your cyber shopping.


Before you decide to spend your money with an online company, do a thorough research on them. The best place to check if a company is reputable, is with the Better Business Bureau. You will be able to tell if they are in good standing with the public, you will also see the amount of complaints that are filed against the company. Based on your research, you should be able to make a wise decisions.


As you are about to begin your shopping online, check to see if the website is secured. There are a few things that you will notice, that will show you if the website is secure. Look up at the address bar, to see if the address starts with, “https.” This is a sign that the website is secured. There is another way that you can tell if you are using a secured website. Check to see if there is a little image of a padlock at the bottom  right of your browser.


When shopping online, instead of using your banking card or checks, use a credit card. I know it sounds scary to do that, but it is better than using your personal checks to pay. The reason behind this is, when you use a credit card, as a consumer, your rights are protected. You can dispute charges including other issues that you may encounter while shopping online.


Now that you have done your home work, it’s time to shop til you drop. You don’t have to encounter crowded malls or postpone your shopping because the stores are closed. Shopping online can be done 24 hrs a day. That means you can shop as late as you want or as soon as you are awake in the morning. Have fun shopping and don’t forget to keep it safe.


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