Best Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers

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Wondering what gift to get your co-workers this Christmas? While it’s a difficult choice on getting the perfect gift, they are many suggestions on what to purchase your co-worker for the Christmas Holiday. Now you don’t have to second guess if you’re getting the right gifts or not! Below I have listed the best Christmas gifts to buy your co-workers for Christmas!

Bottled Wine: Not all of your co-workers drink wine, however; if they do, this is the perfect gift to give. Try purchasing a budget or semi expensive bottle of their favorite wine. If you don’t know the type of wine they’re into, don’t ask them! This would spoil the entire Christmas gift. If you don’t know and cant find out from another co-worker close to them, buy a house (basic) red or white wine. Stay away from wine in the box! While it can be great tasting, the bottled wine is a more professional presented Christmas gift!

Tea or Coffee: The majority of co-workers at every job drink either hot soups or drinks to get them thru their day. Sometimes these hot drinks can be either tea or coffee. If your in a store such as Walmart or Target, look for specialty gift basket packs of tea. A lot of times they come with different variety packs, so you’re sure to be able to cater to everyone’s obsession. When purchasing coffee packs or gift cards, try to stick to Starbucks! Starbucks is probably the hottest coffee packaging company as of right now so think on purchasing a $10-100 gift certificate. With Starbucks you also have the option of buying coffee gift packages straight from the store!

Popcorn Buckets: Popcorn buckets are always popping up during the holiday season, try getting one for your co-worker/s. Most of the time there’s is a 3 or 4 way variety to choose from within the buckets. There will most likely be caramel, cheese and regular popcorn, so it’s guaranteed to fit all taste! Sometimes you can find these buckets on sale during the middle of September before the holiday season!

Event Tickets: What co-worker wouldn’t want to attend a live event? The thing about giving event tickets as a Christmas present is, you’ll be the only one to do it. Most of the time people fail to know the proper prices in regards to event tickets and how extremely low they can be around the holiday season. Try getting live play, music, comedy or kid friendly event tickets to give to a co-worker, this is a gift they are sure to remember year after year!


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